by Betty

Water, water, water,
And not a drop to drink.

Water, water, water,
It’s later than you think.

Nowhere is it written you must do your bit to save water. No one is suggesting you must save water. But you could if you would and it will make the difference to the generations that will come after ours.

Wash the dishes in the dish washer when it’s full.

Rinse the dishes with cold water and collect the clear water in a mild jug.

Turn the water off while you brush your teeth.

Take a shorter shower. Maybe shower every other day. Collect the shower water in a foot bath container and use the water for outdoor bushes or trees.

Wet your hands, turn off the water, put on the soap, rub your hands ten times or whatever you believe does away with germs. Then turn the water on and quickly rinse.

Take the car to the car wash instead of using the hose. Or simply dust the car a time or two.

If you must water a yard, use a soaker hose before nine in the morning or after seven in the evening. Less water will evaporate.

You could if you would, and perhaps you should, make the difference.

June, 2012

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