Vengeance or Forgiveness

by Betty

September 11, 2011

On a sunny day, out of the blue flashed a streak of gray, a cloud of black smoke surrounded the building, a brilliant red flame rose up and down the building. Just as suddenly the building began to fall apart, bit by bit, covering the ground. Then came the second flash of gray, the cloud of black smoke, the brilliant red flame rose up and down the building. Suddenly the second building began to collapse, bit by bit, covering the ground. Debris and dead bodies, screaming people running in panic, the ambulances, the police, the firemen, all appeared. Far off a third plane hit the ground and disintegrated. More in a building far away – this flash of gray didn’t quite hit and destroy the target.

What to do is a question not easily asked, even more difficult to answer.

Revenge – return the senseless violence in full, bigger flashes of gray, bigger smoke and flames, bigger destruction and more loss of life. Return the loss of buildings and people. Increase the panic mode to those who first sought to destroy. Perhaps.

But forgiveness? What if there is no return of violence and loss, no acknowledgement of fear and panic. Attention to those who created the havoc denied. It will always be a sad reminder. No place for those who started the destruction to celebrate, to be noticed. So who is the victor? Who is it who says, “We shall overcome one day.”

And overcome we shall, and better for the forgiveness we gave the world

It’s true.
One day
We shall overcome.

We shall overcome
One day.

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