True Friends

By Betty

Friends made in my home town were friend forever.

My Dad took the neighbor 5 year old and me to the caves along our river. We entered a cave –came out each with a pail of white sand. Her mother helped us dye it with Easter egg dyes – red, pink, blue, green, yellow, purple-we had them all.  My mother helped us package the colored sand in small glass bottles and helped us set up our store on our front lawn.

Business did not blossom. One day we made 10 cents. We declared bankruptcy and went out of business. To this day we wonder why anyone would ever need colored sand for.

Every day my friend and I walked two blocks home to and from school. We sat hours on the stone steps of my church and planned our lives.  She was going to get married, have four children and teach in the church office. She did. I was planning to become a newspaper reporter and travel the world to find the news.  I didn’t. Instead I married, taught school, and we had one daughter. I wrote lesson plans, my daily journal, and letters home.

We’ve exchanged birthday cards, Christmas cards, holiday cards, and phone calls once or twice a year for 80 years.

We laughed together when things were fun. We cried together when life was sad. True friends help you believe the impossible is possible. True friends keep in touch. True friends are forever here and in the beyond.

My best true friends had four muddy paws ready to go, two soulful, begging eyes , two alert listening ears, and ever wagging tail, and loved barking to alert me to what I might have missed-an owl in the tree, a bunny on the lawn, a squirrel on the wall, a bird in the bush, a bicycle going down the street. They never judged. They never criticized.

True friends, my dogs, with unconditional love, constant support and always ready to go, to stay, to wait, to rest.

Blessed by true friends who always make a lonely life livable. 


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