To Keep A Child in School

by Betty

To keep a child in school might be a simple thing or as hard as tough love.

Tell a child he has a choice. Stay in school, do his best, and graduate on time. Or join the military, spend 6 months in boot camp, and two years in the military. Once the choice is made, there’s no going back. That’s the tough love part.

How to keep a child in school. If only it were as easy as tough discipline, homework done on time, and perfect attendance.

There are many opinions on tough discipline. Physical discipline in a public school should never be tolerated. A child learns from the behavior of adults. It’s being a role model. And physical discipline is wrong, it’s immoral, and it’s illegal.

There are many opinions about homework. It could be helpful. It will be challenging to a bright, curious child who will find it almost a hobby and the child may find much more to explore. It will be impossible to a child who comes to school hungry, cold, tired, abused, and fearful of going home to more abuse. It will be useless, impossible for a mentally challenged child.

To make a career decision as early as eighth grade is suspect. The world and the work world are changing so fast. There is much to come we may not know. Perhaps better a child be encouraged to do his best, aim high, work hard, and believe in himself that he can do it if he persists.

Drugs are a problem hard to understand. It will take more than rules, more than laws, more than education, more than confidence. It may take time, heartbreak, and more knowledge to solve the conflict of drugs.

Each of us can make a difference.

  • Go to school and volunteer to be a lunch buddy or a reading buddy.
  • Share your career – go in and share your work. Invite the class to tour your work environment.
  • Be a mentor – volunteer in the community by helping organize a sports program, a summer camp. Be a coach.
  • Recognize effort.
  • Get children involved in education of discrimination, depression, drugs, sex and consequences.
  • Be the parent – a couple or single – by being realistic, present, forgiving, and encouraging.
  • Attend PTA. It may seem boring. It’s not. Your attendance at PTA tells a child you care about him and you are in this with him. The more you take part, the better you will understand.

A cautionary note to ponder – The cost of education is going sky high. Only the very wealthy will be able to go to college. Perhaps high school education will be costly, too costly. Most of us may need help.

A college degree does not guarantee a successful life. It may open doors not known.

A high school diploma does not guarantee a good job. But it may be a start.

Three realities are true:

high school isn’t always easy

the military is not always easy


life is not always easy

It’s all about choices. It’s all about faith, “Yes I can.” “I know I can.” It’s about hard work and persistence.

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