The Secret of Writing

By Betty

What I’ve learned this year about writing as a member of the Lend A Hand Writers Group.

Sometimes writing is simply the role of a pen across a piece of paper like water rushing down stream after a rain.

Sometimes writing is like laboring boots and ropes climbing a tall slippery mountain

Sometimes writing slip in and out like sliding on ice and getting nowhere.

Sometimes it is only day dreaming, staring off, lost in space, writing nothing.

Always writing is a challenge that requires a discipline, time and the belief one can write

I’ve learned that everyone writes differently and there is no right way. And I like writing.

One response to “The Secret of Writing

  1. Betty:
    You have shared some true gems about writing in your “Secret to Writing.” There are times when one can not write fast enough to memorialize all that is in one’s head at that moment. There are other occasions when one is convinced there is absolutely nothing IN one’s head to write about. Or even think about! But the secret is to put pen to paper. No matter whether there is anything magnanimous going on mentally, emotionally, intellectually, or not. SOMETHING will come up. You made a statement that I never considered before: One must possess the BELIEF that one can write. That is a challenge at times. And it is very easy to avoid writing with the assumption that one is simply not a writer. But I read the early and more recent pieces of the Senior Writers’ Group, and the improvements and development of unique writing styles are so clear! Writing, writing, WRITING must be the secret. Thanks for the advice, Betty. And the delightful piece, “The Secret to Writing.”

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