The Master Gardener

By Betty

The master Gardener grows his plants from seed. Four or five tiny seeds gently placed in a small peat moss pot, sitting on a plastic plate with plastic covers. No doubt, a recycled plate from the bakery.

The pot sits inside on a sunny window ledge, waiting for a solar rain to fall. Gently, it does fall.

Watched over as one does the family, one day a tiny green sprout appears. Growing taller, stronger, day-by-day, one day the plant is too tall, too strong for the cover to remain on. One day the plant will move outside to a place of its own.

The plant stays inside, cool, if it’s too hot outside – warm, if it’s too cold outside.

The Master Gardener feeds the plants fertilizer when it is time. He uses the best kind and he knows the difference.

The Master Gardener talks to his plants and the plants grow taller and stronger. One day there is a surprise: tomatoes, watermelons, and more to eat. Nothing tastes as good as home-grown.

The Master Gardener is proud of his plants. He should be. He enjoys watching over them, day by day.

Lucky are all the folks to whom he gives a sample.

Only one thing the Master Gardener does not know. Only one question  he cannot answer: “What do seeds think when they are growing?”

The Master Gardener takes care of our Earth. He is a master of gardening – a true Master Gardener.

You need him – well, need I add,

Thanks, Jim.

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