The Cat

by Betty

One day a black cat with sparkling white paws came visiting down our street. He had no collar, no license. He stopped house by house, looked the yard over, and went on his way.

One by one the neighbors talked with each other. “Did you see that cat?” “Isn’t it a pretty thing?” “I think it’s moving in with one of us.”

Indeed the cat did. He sat at the front door in the morning waiting to see you. He sat at the door at night and purred and even howled. One night a neighbor took the cat in, gave it water, a bit of milk, and let it stay for the night. It never left except to visit the neighbors, but always came home at night.

The trouble came to the cat. One eye, always a bit different, became swollen, infected, blind. At trip to the vet was a wake-up call. The cat needed surgery – the eye had to be removed. Drops to lessen the swelling did not work. The surgery was over $2500. Together we neighbors did not have that kind of money.

The choice was – turn the cat out to fend for itself, or drop it off at the Humane Society. No choice really.

The Humane Society took the cat in. The vet there removed the eye. Two nights and one day the cat was kept in urgent care under the watchful eye of an attendant.

Now the cat is waiting for someone to care, to give it a home. Each day I call to check on the progress. It’s NOT an easy call to make. The cat is doing well. The Humane Society will keep it as long as it can. Hopefully until a cat lover will take it home.

The Humane Society agreed to call me before any final day comes. Who knows, I may inherit a cat. What do I know about cats? Nothing!

But all creatures, large and small, I do love them all.

Sept, 2012

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