The Best Christmas Tree Ever

by Betty

One lonely pot with one lonely pine tree sat on a table covered with dirt and left over empty pots. People walked by not ever glancing at the little tree in the little pot calling out, “Take me home.”

We saw it. We took it home. It was only a foot high, short and straight. The branches were sturdy and straight. The needles were dark green and firm. One foot tall tree and only one dollar. What a tree!

It sat on the kitchen table, too small for lights and decorations. A silver garland was wrapped around the pot. Tiny silver tinsel hung on the branches. It was too small to have the silver star on top. Our first tree ever and what a tree.

The little tree grew and moved about year after year. From the kitchen to the dining room center piece, to a table by the front window to be seen inside and outside, to the piano where Christmas songs were sung. It grew and grew.

So did the decorations. One year it was covered with crystal bells, angels and reindeer amidst silver garland. It was once covered with carved wooden ornaments from travels around the world. Once it was all blue lights and sailboats and lighthouses. One Christmas it held the manger, including Mary, the baby, Joseph, the straw manger, the shepherds with their flocks, the three wise men with their gifts, and the silver star on top.

Early in the holiday years it was covered with small homemade cookies. Once popcorn strings decorated the tree. One year it was covered with jingle bells that played without end. One sad year it was covered with red, white, and blue lights, an American flag just under the star on top.

Then came the year the little tree was too tall to fit under the ceiling, so it was moved outside and plant4ed where it grew and grew, much too big for decorations, lights or the silver star on top.

Now the tree has grown old. The trunk is longer than the pine tree branches on the top. It leans to the side. Falling brown needles and pine cones cover the ground below. It leans, weary and bent, but still tall. Its life has come full circle. Sixty years of Christmases for only one dollar. But what a Christmas tree it was!

April 2010

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