The Aftermath

By Betty

It was written this week,
Be silent
Be thankful

Our world is crumbling.
Our nation is broken.
Our hearts are unsteady.

Be silent
Be thankful
It’s time to learn
And it’s time to act

The crumbling world is a picture of cracking, melting glaciers – a danger to those who hike to see what’s there.

The roaring, muddy floods that wash away land, homes, cars, and people.

The huge, unstoppable fires which destroy everything and anyone who is in their path.

The volcanoes that erupt at will, covering the land with hot ash, spreading hot ask over the land.

Too much snow in some places, not enough rain in other places. People are  stressed to survive.

Over all of nature we have no control. We carry on as best we can.

The personal anxiety and fears we all have and do not share make us feel alone. We are not alone.

Be silent and listen
Be thankful
Learn before you speak
Act now for you do make the difference

Each small act,
a smile a greeting,
a helping hand held out
will make a difference.

And all together we can make the difference.

January 2011

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