Tale of Two Dogs

by Betty

Down the street flew a flash of golden brown, headed my way. Landed at my feet and proceeded to help me with the yard work. Hot day it was. Gave my new energetic helper a drink of cold water and sent her on her way down the street. Next morning she was waiting at the front door, ready for work. Gave her a cold drink, looked at her eyes, and invited her in. She crawled under the kitchen table and slept until dinner time. Fed her with my resident Cocker. She spent the night.

Next evening a serious looking eight year old boy was at my door. “Have you seen my dog?” “Maybe.” And off the two went.

Next morning there she was at the front door. I let her move in. She was very small, very young, and belonged home. Two weeks later a knock at the door and there was the eight year old boy. “Have you seen my dog?” “Could be.” Off they ran.

Next morning at my door was the eight year old boy, a hand full of fur with two eyes and my helper dog. “Here’s her sister,” he said. “Six weeks old.”

Next morning there both dogs sat, waiting to move in. For two weeks they stayed.

Early Sunday morning a knock on my door. This time the eight year old boy was with his mother. “Can you help me?” she asked. “If I can, I will. If I can’t I’ll tell you why.”

“We’ve been evicted. We were living in our car but the child protective agency won’t allow it. It’s illegal. My husband is an illegal immigrant. He has a wife and three children living in Mexico. Now he is in prison, a convicted drug dealer. Will you care for our dogs until I find an apartment?”

I agreed – never saw either of them again. The grandmother did call to say the court would not let her keep the daughter or grandson or even see them. Called her an enabler.

That was thirteen years ago. Now our Cocker is gone, and I’m with two lively, noisy dogs. Good company for a lonely old lady.

Sometimes life moves in unaccountable ways. This time the dogs and I are very lucky.

September, 2011

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