Snow in the Desert

by Betty

I was sitting in the easy chair, looking out the window at a blue sky, not a cloud in sight. When suddenly the sky had a cloud, the sky seemed to turn gray. And there is was – snow in the desert.

The pine trees across the street quivered in a windy breeze. The needles on the pine tree were white with silvery icicles shimmering. The grass turned white and crackled when anyone walked on it. The rain came and the snow drifted down the street and away. Then came the mud – lots of mud – slippery, sticky, not so beautiful, but something strange in the desert.

The neighbor who planted those many trees 60 years ago left us a real gift. He loved those trees like I love my dogs. Scheduled watering, feeding and friendly talk – all are beautiful and fun to watch.

What a neighbor we had! What a neighborhood we live in!

March, 2013

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