Shall I Toss the Car Keys?

By Betty

A question without an answer.

I like the car sitting in the carport saying people live here

I like the memories of happier times the car calls to mind when I see it there

I like the feel of independence, I could go when, where and if I wanted to. I don’t.

I like the attention the old care gets in the grocery parking lot from old men who like old cars. How old is it?-32 years. How many miles on it?-Not many, never drove out of Tucson. Would you sell it?-NEVER

I do not like to drive

I do not like the traffic. Cars go by too close, too fast.

I panic in an unfamiliar area

I worry the car will break down.

I hate putting in gas.

I’m uncomfortable wondering, thinking I should not drive.

My eye doctor says legally you’re fine. Stay off the freeway-I do. Never drive at night-I don’t.

My brain worries-shall I drive?

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