Response to An Editorial

By Betty

A small editorial caught my eye-“at one TUSD school”. Education has always been and will forever be my passion.  This is NOT a political essay. It is NOT a political statement. It is the truth that 35 years in the classroom taught me.

I tried to teach Mexican children who spoke Spanish. My English they didn’t know but learned

It’s true classrooms are overcrowded. It’s true each child learns differently. No one plan serves all children. It’s true supplies are often short and expensive. It’s true physical education, libraries, and all the arts are struggling not to disappear from the curriculum. It’s true time is needed for computer classes, for drug and sex education, for vocational training. The world is changing and so must education. It’s the American way.

And still the heart of education is in each individual.  Anything is possible if you believe.

  1. If you learn from failure and are grateful for every success
  2. If you learn to persist and work hard
  3. If you learn to truly respect the people and cultures that are different from yours
  4. If you learn to truly forgive
  5. If you accept challenges not of your making
  6. If you learn to believe you can, you can

Sound familiar? It should. You’ve heard it before many times, even recently. You’ve read it before, written by wise scholars in the past. Believe it and believe in yourself.

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