by Betty

watching you jump on board the train leaving me behind.

Remember the noisy dark train rattling off into the far away nowhere.

Remember standing in line, coupons in hand, for sugar and flour.

the dark-out police, searching for forbidden lights at night.

Remember waiting for letters that came, with many words and some lines blacked out.

Remember sitting at the phone in an office waiting for the call that might come – “alert, enemy on the way.”

Remember the two starched military men at the door, lifeless voices repeating, “We regret to inform you …”

Now remember
for one quiet minute, 60 seconds of quiet.

the price of giving one’s all at the last.

Remember and be grateful,
be thankful for those who often volunteered to protect our freedom.

Remember, freedom isn’t free.

Remember, and do your best each day to preserve our freedom.

those who gave their all that this land of ours might be free.

Lest we forget,
pause to remember.

Our flag still flies in the sky.

And our hearts give thanks.

We will never forget.

May, 2011

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