by Betty

A long thin splash of black moved across the lawn and came to a stop under a shade tree. Three black dots rested without a sound. Then the biggest dot hurried out, on the way. Two small black dots followed, one keeping up in line. The last black dot stopped to look around, sample a blade of grass, dig a bit. The big black dot hurried back, picked up the small dot a bit roughly, carried it to the front of the line, and started off. How many times she repeated the journey back to pick up the lingering, straying little black dot.

A family of quail moving in for the summer. Will the little one give up the curiosity to stop and look around? Will the mother give up on the little one? Time will tell as the three black dots grow to be three black quail – beautiful, quiet, quick quail – a delight to watch.

Last week an owl. This week quail. What will next week bring?

May, 2012

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