Nightmare #3

By Betty

It had been a beautiful, blue sky, busy day.  Now the auditorium was packed wall to wall every, every seat occupied. And there I was on the podium behind the mike.

“My American Citizens.”  I started, sounding a bit like Jefferson or Lincoln long ago.  “The election is over. One party won” Lots of cheers. “One party lost” Many groans. “Time now for all of us to forget the rhetoric and deliver in grand faith and integrity all we promised”

There was a loud thud, and I awake, head on the floor, rolled into a soft, warm furry dog-with another small lively dog, wimpery, jumping up and down and licking my arms.

No longer was I on the podium but lying on the floor. I’d fallen out of bed in my sleep.

Getting rearranged and getting up, finding the bed is another, painful, slow story.

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