My Dogs Bark

By Betty

Down the street flashed a moving blur of dark tan.  Suddenly, with no warning, four soft claws hugged my shoulders, tail wagging as if to say “hi-sorry I’m late”

 This bundle of energetic non-stop wagging fur helped all morning cleaning up the raked debris. Once raked into a pile my bundle of fur proceeded to carry off the pine cones her and there-always stopping to see if it was decorative in its new spot.

 I patted the furry head, said “good dog” and went inside. My furry helper flew down the street to the next job.  “See you around” his tail wagged.

 Next morning there at the door sat my helper, ready to work, wagging that very moving tail “time to start our work” It was very hot so I put water out in the shade. The water disappeared and two curious eyes asked “is that all?” Later in the afternoon it was when I fed my resident, indoor cocker spaniel (who did not bark ever). I saw my ball of fur helper at the front door. Mistake I made now-invited the hot energetic ball of fur into eat. Under a table she rested; spent the night and the next 12 years.

 Days later another fluffy ball of fur with two sparkling eyes and a quiet tail was at the door. Carried in one hand by a little boy who said “she’s your dog’s sister”, handed her over to pet and took off!

 Now 12 years later they still reside in the house, in charge of everything. Good company they are!

 There’s far more to the sad story of their arrival but it’s a sad story. Only good that came of it was my two barking companions who arrived just as I needed them most.

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