My Dad

by Betty

My dad was a little boy in a man’s body. He always showed us a good time. He made life fun.

Every Friday he took me ice skating. When I grew tired and sat down to rest, he flew across the ice like a soaring bird – forward or backward. He could do jumps and spins. He did the Viennese flawlessly.

In high school I was not allowed to date boys. But boys found their way to our house, no doubt led by the fresh baking cookies Mother was always baking. My dad played pool with the boys while we girls sat on the basement steps and watched.

Summer we paddled canoes across and around the lake, swimming to cool off.

My dad taught us a valuable lesson that served us well over many years. He said, “Never borrow money. The interest you will pay will be more than your loan.” If you want something, save for it. It’s likely you won’t want it when you’ve saved enough. Put the money you’ve saved in your saving account. You’ll be surprised how it will add up.

His advice served the three of us well over many years. He died knowing all three of us were solvent. It worked for us and we are grateful.

My dad was a good man. His family always came first. Indeed, he left the world a bit better than he found it. He truly made a difference.

June, 2012

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