My Busiest Day

By Betty

My busiest day was unexpected and I was overwhelmed just watching. Nine o’clock in the morning and 8 cars were parked in front of my house. Sixteen people were lining up with tools, paint, brushes, light bulbs, door levers, flooring, a venetian blind. Chuck George arrived from a TV channel with a photographer equipped with the professional camera and lights. The house was full of smile, happy noises, and noisy drills.

The Junior League of Tucson had arrived and volunteered to make my home safer with accessibility and landscaping. The work was done to make it possible for a senior citizen to remain at home.

It was overwhelming to watch and realize all that was being done

Levers replaced the round door handles arthritic hands found difficult and painful. New keys were provided for the new levers on doors to the outside.

A big venetian blind was hung to keep out the hot sun (going green) and to close at night and to keep in the heat in the winter.

The tacky mailbox was sanded and painted white

The bathroom floors had new tile installed-looks like wood and is beautiful

New light bulbs were installed to save electricity.

A new sold wood door with a tiny peek hole was installed

The door bell was repaired to ring loud enough to be heard.

Outdoor night motion lights were installed. One is solar-trying new technology. I really like that

The front hedge was trimmed so one can see over it.

Old, old bushes were trimmed –spruced up. The front looks almost new-its almost 70 years old

A tree was trimmed off the roof

The volunteer pepper plant that feeds the birds was trimmed

Flowers were planted in an old palm stump barrel from long ago

All was left clean-tree debris hauled away, the carpet vacuumed and the new door painted.

There were no words to say thank you to the crew that were gond at 6:30.

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