Laughing Yoga

by Betty

Ha        Ha        Ha                                Ho        Ho        Ho

Clap your hands
Stamp your feet
Raise your arms
Wave your hands

What a surprise
What a treat.

Laughing yoga was funny, fun, silly, happy. The young man who led the group was a laughing genius. He kept the group laughing. He responded to comments, questions and kept the laughter yoga going. His name was Jim

Before you label Laughter Yoga as foolish, juvenile, ridiculous, remember the happy faces and laughing voices that left the meeting that day.

The hurt of constant pain was forgotten for the moment.

The stress of everyday living was set aside.

The troubles that loom in the future have to wait.

For those short minutes were a moment of Camelot.

No one could ask for more.

So forgive
Be happy

Enjoy the moment of Camelot.

June, 2012

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