Kelly Meets the Coyote

by Betty

Walking down the street in the early morning, Kelly stopped, sniffed the air, looked around, and suddenly, somehow escaped the collar and leash. Down the street he raced – alert, curious, guarded. The bereft owner screamed, commanding Kelly to stop, to come back. Suddenly Kelly, healthy, young, well trained, became deaf.

There it was – a beautiful coyote, sauntering down the street looking things over.

Kelly stopped – the coyote stopped and decided to have some fun – running around after each other, stopping to look each other over, then sat to rest – enjoying the moment.

The coyote lay down, stomach on top, ready for a belly rub. Kelly looked the coyote over. Rest time over – the coyote got up and wandered off.

Kelly’s owner, still screaming, welcomed Kelly home. All was well.

Kelly had a new friend.

Maybe we should consider wildlife as a new friend.


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