Is Your Child Happy In School?

by Betty

An advertisement on the TV many, many times a day. “Does school make your child happy?” Is that the purpose of school?

What about knowing and believing one is as happy as one chooses to be? What about the parents? Do they make the child happy? Are the parents involved in the school classrooms? The parents should be if the school is to succeed with children and education. Is it a dream for the children? Is must be. And parent involvement in the classroom is a must.

Is the pace too fast? Is the pace too slow? This too the TV ad questions. How about learning all people are different? How about learning each child learns in a different way? Perhaps NOW is the moment to accept, to appreciate, and to lend a hand to those who may be different. That is life. That is living.

How about the teacher? Does she have the support of the administration? Does the principal join in the classroom activity? Did the principal, or a board member, ever try his (her) hand at being in charge of the classroom for just half a day? Does the principal encourage and welcome parents to participate?

The truth is education, a school, is a triangle of the student, the parent, and the teacher, working together for each and every child. It takes all three working together to make school and education a success and happy.

August, 2011

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