I Lived in a Different Century

By Betty

No computers, no email, no TV, no blackberry, no cell phones, no refrigerators, no gas or electric stoves, no doctor’s offices, no credit cards.

We wrote letters and mailed them at the post office for 2 ¢. Complained when the rate went from 2 ¢ to 3 ¢.

No one locked their doors. Calling on a neighbor was opening the door. “Anybody home? It’s Betty”.

Ran out of coffee-just borrow a cup from next door.

At school everyone had his/her own desk where books, pencils, erasers, notebooks were stored. No one had a back pack.

Everyone walked to school . There were no buses.

Sick? Call the doctor who came with all his supplies in a black bag.

Cooking? Light up the wood –the oven overhead. The food was great. So was the heat.

Ice box in the basement. It was a big day when the ice man came. He’d shave the 50 pounds of ice to fit inside the ice box. Then give sample ice chips to all us eager children.

The children wandered freely about .  Neighbors reported any mischief before one got home. Your parents marched one back to pick up, fix up, wash windows, and apologize.

Vacations were family picnics at a lake or beside a river.

On the Fourth of July everyone had potato salad, hot dogs, and homemade ice cream.

It was a depression time where men sat at your back door, grateful for the food one had prepared and shared.

The Christmas tree was decorated with paper and popcorn strings and lighted candles!

So long until tomorrow

So long and good luck

That’s the way it was.

One response to “I Lived in a Different Century

  1. Mike Haggerty

    Well, Betty, I too lived in a different century, maybe even an earlier century. A homestead farm in a remote corner of Oregon with no electicity no inside pumbing, no iceman. A garden and a wood stove. Milking in the morning and in the evening. Feeding the hogs and chickens, Haying in the fields, skinny dipping in the creek, horseback to the one room school. We didn’t lock the door because it didn’t have a lock.

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