Happy 2nd Anniversary

by Betty

This group has talent.

Different as our backgrounds,
Different as our challenges,
Different as our experiences,
So our writing is different.

One writes of a happy childhood visiting on a farm. One could see the corn blow in the wind, feel the breeze drift by, smell the baking pie. Every child should have such a happy childhood.

One takes the group on a trip to Europe to explore the museums, the chapels, the foods, the historic sights, the diverse cultures, diverse languages, and diverse people, the Vatican tour. Everyone should be so lucky as to travel without a suitcase with this writer.

One is a deep, philosophical writer, rich in the history of a time very long ago, a master of the dictionary, and connecting meaningful words that compel one to pause and ponder deeply.

One writes a novel with such insight in the times long ago, the people, the places that one thinks it’s real people and it might be you! This writer is real – a real gift of words. One day a published author to be.

One can write a single word and make it a picture rich with meaning, with real experiences, and always a surprise ending, always unexpected, always funny. Makes for many smiles and laughs.

One mother long ago wrote a collection of poems truly from the heart which deserve to be preserved for all time in the national archives of Congress in D.C.

One writer writes a daily journal of daily events, the weather, people and dogs. One day it will remind the folks that knew her that one day she was here.

Writing can be a hobby.
Writing is a gift to share.
Writing is a joy to read and share.
Writing can be therapeutic.

Writing a piece a week makes it possible, a piece a day makes it easy.

A time set aside each day, same time, same place. Put a pen to the paper and you’re on your way.

Happy Second Anniversary Lend-a-Hand Senior Writers!

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