by Betty

It might be the best Halloween ever.

‘Twas just five o’clock. The sun was still shining, the sky was still blue. We sat in the front patio, just waiting for dark. A huge wash tub sat between us filled with wrapped candy.

Up the walk fluttered a huge butterfly – ballerina slippers, a full net skirt, and wings bigger than the human butterfly. So big the wings, the butterfly only fluttered.

A few minutes later up marched a five year old military man. The shirt was starched, the trousers were pressed, the shoes were shined. The six year old soldiers marched, stiff and erect. “What’s your trick?” I asked. He looked at his dad who whispered, “Say please.”

Mothers with babies in their arms came smiling up to us. “Happy Halloween,” they called. The babies slept on.

A young girl walked up, proud of her teddy bear dressed in Halloween colors, and asked for an extra candy for the teddy bear. “He likes real candy.”

Dressed-to-the-nines, up walked a young lady. “Guess who I am.” One of us responded, “Marilyn Monroe.” “How did you know? You’re the first to guess right!”

Ghosts in long flowing white robes, covered faces, drifted up and down the path, an eerie OO-OO- following them.

There were ghouls with wicked grins and echoing sounds.

There was one small puppy in costume. Bewildered, he was, and no candy treats for a dog.

A scarecrow stumbled up and back, straw left in bits and pieces on the ground.

There were many, many more – creatures from TV, unrecognized by us.

The sun disappeared, the sky was dark, dotted with stars, and suddenly the treaters came by the dozen. Clever costumes, happy smiles and polite thank yous. The line grew long. The barrel of candy was filled four times. The candles set out to light the way were flickering, about burned out.

Now came the well-costumed teen agers – noisy, in a hurry, but as happy as the very young.

The porch light went out, the patio was dark, the spooks and goblins were gone. Halloween at this house was done. It was only seven o’clock.

Interesting to note not a car was seen driving up or down the street. The children are safe in this neighborhood. And just as important, Halloween is welcome. You all come, but come early!

Nov, 2011

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