Halloween Is Coming

by Betty

Halloween is coming, ready or not. Winterhaven is ready.

The newsletter was delivered door to door three weeks ago.

Some yards have orange lights all about. Some have white ghosts floating in the trees. Pumpkins greet you at the doors. A cemetery with real stone markers fills one yard. Charlie Brown and Snoopy are there, waiting to be found.

The night before Halloween is neighborhood kids’ night. The island is filled with treats and possibly a trick. Treasures are hidden in the bushes, under bushes in front yards, never side yards or back yards.

Children will be heard laughing, yelling, talking. Parents stand around talking to friends, old neighbors and new neighbors.

Halloween night children from all over town wander door to door. The island is still there – people helping with broken sacks and lost parents.

Two thousand came by last year. It’s a friendly neighborhood. It’s safe with street lights and security guards wander about until late, very late that night and the next morning. And Halloween, if noisy and hectic, is real fun.

No one is required to participate. Lights out at the front door are respected. Funds all come from the association and I suspect donations from neighbors who can and choose to do so.

October, 2011

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