Halloween-Beware, Prepare, Take Care

by Betty

I have written stories about ants before. One was called “Ants,” and the second one was called “Ants.” But have you noticed there are only a few ants around. Some are picking up the scrapes and a few leaves, not much left of the grass. Some are helping others back to the few ant holes. All and almost of the ants are gone for this season.

Lizards are the same way. In the summer, lizards are all over the patio wall. The wall gets cold at night, so the lizards are getting ready for a long snooze.

So the lizards are sleeping, and the ants running around their tunnels, talking to their friends, all ready for the long winter.

And the humans sitting in their fancy houses are saying, “Brrr, it’s COLD.”

October, 2012

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