Good Bye Summer

By Betty

Hello Fall.

Summer was too long.
Day after day the advice was to stay inside. Limit your outside time to very early in the morning, and always stay outside for a short time.

Summer was too hot.
Day after day the record was broken. Drink lots of water, the TV advised.

Summer was too dry.
Day after day the weatherman predicted the monsoon was coming, possibly at night. It never came.

Day after rain was predicted – 30%, 40%, 50% chance of rain. It never happened.

Then came September and fall was on the way. Colorful leaves on some trees, especially in the Midwest. Here in the desert there’s a later morning light and a bit earlier dark night.

And maybe cooler weather
and maybe rain.

Just you wait and see. Fall may be coming to the desert.

And maybe now it’s fall.
The early morning air is cooler.

The weather man predicts high winds, blinding dust, drive cautiously, pull all the way off the road, turn out your lights.

Better it may be to stay home.
You’ve been warned.

Rain might fall and it may be snow in the higher mountains. It will smell fresh and be really cold.

Time to cover the plants – maybe find the wool shirts and fleece suits.
Turn the irrigation water off.
Turn the furnace on.

Just wait and see. Fall may be coming to the desert.

September 2014

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