Get Moving

by Betty

Have you ever been lonely?

Have you ever been blue?

Have you ever been worn and weary?

What’s one to do?

Maybe join a book club. Compare books, maybe even have controversial opinions. Could get lively.

Maybe volunteer at a school. Many children need a mentor to listen to them. Someone to help the child know he matters, that he can do whatever he works hard at.

Maybe join an exercise class. Might improve your health. Might make a new friend.

Maybe count your blessings. You might be surprised at how good life has been and will be.

Maybe see your doctor. The doctor might have a miracle pill or a group of people like you to visit with. Surprisingly, sometimes that helps.

Maybe plant a garden and watch a wee seed grow big and healthy. From little ideas great things evolve.

The answer of what to do is simple. Get moving. Get started at something new to you. Could make the difference.

October, 2012

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