Friends of the Library

By Betty

It’s Coming. The Friends of the Library Book Sale. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 8:00 am to noon.

A cheerful, smiling volunteer greets you at the door. “Welcome-we’re glad you came”

Walk into a huge room filled with books. Tables full of books , shelves full of books, boxes filled with books waiting for a spot . Piles of books marked “hold”.

People sitting on the floor, books piled nearby, reading to check out the next.

Children pawing over the children’s table, eager to carry out some books.

People balancing on canes and an armful of books.

People navigating wheel chairs down narrow aisles.

People sitting in the outdoor patio, smiling at the quiet and the books they have chosen.

People struggling to fit books into a plastic bag-as many as you can get in.  Try laying books flat, try standing books , try both ways. Even tie the handles together to get the books in.

Looking for a book? You want it? It may be here

                Big books, little books, new books, old books, hard back, paperback, children’s books, adult books, puzzle books, comic books, travel, mystery, medical, political, music, art, cookbooks, westerns, historical, romance

Who could ask for anything more? It’s all here –just browse about until you find it

The smiling, friendly volunteers will say “Thanks for coming”

Come once-you’ll come again. It’s fun!

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