by Betty

Footprints in the sand go off to the lake,

disappear into a boat and drift across the water to a shady place –

footprints walk up the shore to a shady spot to rest –

then back across the lake, tie up the boat and follow the

footprints home.

Footprints across the white snow, sometimes snow so deep the

footprints become only a track, wander across the river ice, wander

along the shore, up a hill and enjoy the view all around. Follow the

footprints back across the frozen ice and back home.

Footprints in the deep woods are hard to see

but they are there for those who watch, wander the path

through the woods, enjoy the animals and wild flowers. Find the

footprints in a tangle of brush and follow them back home.

The footprints of life cannot be seen by the human eye.

The footprints and the path become memories for the people

left behind as you take off for home in the far away sky.

There are no footprints to home in the sky.

Each of us must find our way home, high in the sky.

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