Finding Yoga

A nervous ride across town. . .what was I thinking going to Yoga? “It will be fine. You’ll like it; encouraged our Lend a Hand driver.

The building was big. The personnel were friendly. We wandered about—tried the treadmill slowly. It seemed a possibility! We tried a weight lifting machine. The machine does the lifting while you hang onto a bar.

Then, Yoga—a big room with chairs in a a big semi-circle, positioned far apart. We sit. The instructor is relaxed with easy, gentle instruction. “Sit if you are more comfortable. Try what you can. Stop any exercise that hurts.” So far, so good. I’m the only one sitting!

Breathing—everyone does that one automatically. But there is a trick to deep breathing. It takes practice and concentration.

“Close your eyes”—that I can do! The eye moves left to right, up and down. “Rest a bit.” I did—missed the closing eye exercise. Hands and fingers—my fingers did not cooperate. It is painless, easy, not too energetic.

Feet—a bit tricky on my unpredictable balance. I sat—no one said a thing or complained. “Try it!” Then, the arm lifts, not quite for me just yet.

Maybe I can learn. The people are friendly, gracious, elderly. I felt maybe I’d be back!

Submitted by: Betty

One response to “Finding Yoga

  1. Paula Morphew

    Betty: Your writing on “Finding Yoga” is so expressive, I feel like I was there! I am so pleased that you found yoga. I have found that deep breathing and visual imagery (which you can ask your yoga instructor about) are wonderful methods of decreasing stress and physical pain – – even if it’s just for a brief while. Visual imagery fits in beautifully with Jim Kennedy’s “How Can It Be,” which is rediscovery and appreciation of the day-to-day mundane natural images around us. To rediscover the cactus, the rain, the flowers… that’s a gift!


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