Everyone Needs Something – The Same Things

by Betty

People need – shelter, food and water.

Shelter, be it a house in town, a high rise in a city, an apartment, one room, a log cabin on the river bank, a tent will do. Shelter from the elements.

Food – hot or cold, bland or spicy, meat or vegetarian. Food to nurture, to survive.

Water – cool, clean water.

Animals, pets or wild, need – shelter, food, water.

Shelter, be it a rug on the porch, a shady spot under a tree, in a cave in the wilderness, or a bed and blanket of its own, inside with the family.

Food – calories counted in a bowl served on schedule or hunted in the wild as was the plan.

Water – cool, clean water.

Nations need – shelter, food and water.

Shelter for each resident, legal or illegal, rich or poor or homeless.

Food – each culture to have its own kind of food.

Water – cool, clean water.

Nature deserves

To be enjoyed.

To be respected.

To be preserved for all the generations that come after us.

Nature needs – shelter, food and water

Shelter for the plants and animals.

Food to grow and produce.

Water – cool, clean water.

Pretty simple, isn’t it?

Tell me why, oh, tell me why

Man must march off to war, bomb the shelters, destroy the food, and contaminate the water.

Why, oh tell me why.

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