By Betty
April 30, 2009

Is elderly more than just a word? Or is it a reality? Or is it just an illusion?
Perhaps when one goes out to get the mail—instead of walking one foot, up, then down—the second foot does the same, one keeps both feet on the ground, shuffling one foot at a time forward

Perhaps it’s pausing enroute to somewhere in the house and stopping suddenly, trying to remember where one meant to go or what one was about to pick up

Perhaps it’s looking in the mirror and wondering who that is looking back

Perhaps it’s someone asking, “What was that about?” and you wonder about what ”that” is

Perhaps it’s finding it so hard to ask for or accept the help you truly need

Perhaps it’s when staying home in the back yard listening to birds sing and clouds roll by is more fun than going out on the town

Perhaps it’s a new feeling of fear about nothing at all or about every thing

Perhaps it’s the very real on-going loss of physical energy

Perhaps it’s wondering, what’s to get up for

Perhaps it’s waiting for bedtime and knowing this day is done. All is well

Perhaps it’s just a word. Or perhaps it is only a state of mind. Maybe, perhaps maybe, it is only an illusion

Could be. Could it

Perhaps it’s just an excuse to be lazy. And there is a cure!

Get moving

Find an activity

Plant a garden

Get a dog

Read a book

Better still, write a book!

Elderly — you’ll know better the answer when you get there

And I wonder what your answer will be then.

One response to “Elderly

  1. Paula Morphew

    As usual, Betty has the state of being “elderly” down pat! She is an excellent writer – – no excess verbage. “Just the facts, Ma’am,” as Jack Web used to say on the television program “Dragnet.” This makes her writing so powerful! I am so glad that Betty and Jim are still writing.

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