Earth Day-A Reminder

by Betty

Earth Day is this coming Sunday. Have you done your part? Better late than never. Even the smallest help by many people will make a difference. It’s our earth to take care of and pass on to the next generation.

Combine your trips to the post office, the drug store, the hardware store, the grocery, the library. All in one you’d save gas, pollute the air less, save your time. Do it all in one trip – you can do it.

Walk, if you can, to visit the neighbors.

Replace dead bushes or trees or lawns with desert friendly shrubs. Plant desert trees on the south and west sides of your house. It will help cool in the hot summer, and retain warmth in the cold winter.

Think about composting. Your plants will thank you.

Harvest the rain water when and if it comes. You’ll be surprised and pleased with how much water you can collect. Collect rinse water in the kitchen sink by placing an empty milk carton under the sink. Shower every two days instead of twice a day.

Take your own bag to the grocery. Reuse the plastic bags over and over. Recycle tin cans, glass jars, magazines and newspaper. Recycle your junk. Your junk might be someone else’s treasure.

Turn the lights off when you are not going to be in the room. Try fluorescent light bulbs. You just might adjust.

Turn the furnace down five degrees and wear fleece or a sweater to keep comfortable. Turn the air conditioner up five degrees in the summer. You will adjust.

Consider automatic deposit. It may not be for you, but if it is, you’ll save much paper and many trees.

It’s tricky and expensive, but try solar panels. They work!

The time to act is NOW. It’s time to do our part.

What will you do to participate in Earth Day? One wee step by all mankind will preserve Mother Earth. You owe it to future generations. It can be easy and it will work.

Tell me now, what will you do?

April, 2012

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