Christmas in Winterhaven

by Betty

It’s that time of year again. The sunny, blue, warm sky makes it the season to be out with the neighbors. Everyone busy, stringing endless strings of lights around the windows, around the front door, along the edge of the roof. Santa and his reindeer rushing across the roof. Far above shines the bright big Christmas star. Yards are developing creatively – scenes of the manger, the camels, the shepherds, an angel over head. Huge candy canes sparkle along the street curves, red and white lights ablaze. Elvis singing his rendition of the Christmas carols. Mailboxes decorated as never before. Huge lighted displays of Christmas lights. Even snowflakes falling here and there.

Walk through if you can – you’ll meet hay rides full of singing, laughing people; children running up to check out Santa and the reindeer; singing, strolling choirs filling the air with Christmas cheer. A white, horse-drawn chariot for two – a romantic ride to remember. No cars for eleven of the fourteen nights of the Festival of Lights. Get home by 5:30 or stay away until 10:00. Nobody objects – it’s Christmas in Winterhaven.

At the center island there will be hot chocolate, kettle corn, and holiday cupcakes. There will be a sing-along – few carry the tune and many make up words for the forgotten verses. Santa will arrive, bringing white fluffy snow.

Winterhaven is my home. What a place to live. What a place to grow up and to grow old.

December, 2012

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