Christmas Cards

by Betty

It’s time to think of Christmas cards again. Seems to come sooner each year. Time to remember the relatives. Time to check up on who is well, who has moved, who has left this world.

Time to check on old friends. Time to learn who is still living in the family home. Who has moved to an assisted living facility. What are their children doing, and where are they living? Who has new grand children?

Time to remember all those who have helped one throughout this year. Time to thank each one for the rides, for the friendly phone calls, for the surprise cards in the mail, for sharing homemade treats.

Time to greet the neighbors – maybe a plate of cookies or a box of chocolates, or a Christmas cactus, or a hug.

Time perhaps for photographs or a new page in the journal. Memories of it all become more precious as the years fly by.

October, 2011

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