Changes are Coming Ready or Not

by Betty

Health care will depend upon good habits and good genes. Doctors will be electronic. Push a button, list your symptoms, wait, and the diagnosis will appear on your screen.

Schools will be on line. The curriculum will be job oriented. No pens or paper will be needed. Just press buttons or keys. Books will be obsolete.

Libraries will have few books. Fiction, non-fiction, magazines, newspapers will be electronic.

Writing letters to family or friends will obsolete. No more post office, no more stamps.

The radio will be an antique. The television will be in the recycle shops. Land phones will be gone. Cell phones may survive with more options.

Cars will be electronic. Plug in when not in use.

Solar energy will provide for heating and cooling and growing indoor gardens. Only the very, very, very rich will travel to the moon and back.

We may become a two class society-the rich and the poor.

Nature, only nature, will have its way as today. Floods, hurricanes, earth quakes, fires will occur.

Maybe, just maybe, war will be no more. If only that could be true. If only all mankind could learn

Change is coming and we will adapt.

One response to “Changes are Coming Ready or Not

  1. Paula Morphew

    As always, Betty cuts to the chase with her writing. And she is so on point about the venue of changes that are developing. To me, it suggests that we are all simply living too fast, doing too much – – and inevitably, the result is missing the beauty of the world. Yes, the smell of the coffee, the scent of the rose, the comedy of the dogs, cats, red squirrels and rabbits around us. No time! Just no time for a moment to stop and catch one’s breath! Thanks, Betty, for making us stop and taking a moment f or gratitude!

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