Blessing of the Animals

by Betty

I can’t believe I did this. Neither will you. It’s true!

Can you believe it? My two dogs – my noisy, energetic, curious dachshunds – are going to church to the blessing of the animals! However did this come to be?

Panic set in the night before. What was I thinking? What if my two dogs took off with me hanging on the leash, dragged down the road? What if the two dogs pulled the leashes out of my hands and ran down the street into the traffic? What if my two dogs were so noisy we were asked to leave? Whatever would I do?

A bright sunny morning the parking lot at the church was packed with cars. Waiting at the door were dogs and their people. Beautiful dogs – big and small, white, black, brown, solid colors, stripes, dots – all on leashes, all looking around. No barking.

Music from inside was heard.

The door opened; off they walked, one by one, to the front where the ministers blessed them one by one.

There my dogs sat. Boo just watching, Little Girl wagging her tail, saying welcome to everyone.

Fifty-five dogs, one cat, and one turtle – big and small, each one blessed, each one well behaved, quiet.

Was it

St. Francis of Assisi – all creatures large and small. He’d be proud of these at the Blessing of the Animals.

And blessed are those of us who share life with a dog.

At the end of the sermon the minister said, “Amen.” The congregation responded, “Amen.” Then came one loud bark, “Amen.”

October, 2011

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