by Betty

Have you balanced your checkbook? Have you balanced your automatic pay? Have you balanced the family budget?

Good! You know balance is important to your well being.

Can you stand on one foot, touching nothing, and count to five without wobbling? Can you stand on one foot, touching nothing, close your eyes, count to five, and not wobble? Try counting to thirty. If you can do it, you’ve got your balance under control. If you can, you know the importance of balance. No one likes to admit it, or even think about it, but balance takes practice.

No longer able to turn somersaults, or roll over and over on the ground, or spin yourself around in circles. Kids do that. Kids are good at balance. Not so adults. But adults need to practice something to maintain their balance. One can practice simple exercises at home to maintain a sense of balance. It’s hard to do without a schedule or someone to practice with.

My balance is lousy, non-existent. Thus I signed up for a balance class with an instructor and 14 classmates. Thus I’ll be gone for a month or two. You can think of me Wednesday and Friday 10 to 12 at a balance class! Who’d a thought it?

I don’t know if a balance class will help my balance or not. But I’ll not know until I try.

So you all carry on and write. I’ll try the balance exercises! Maybe we can practice when I come back!

September, 2012

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