Atria Campana Del Rio

By Betty

The wandering, lost lady wandered again into a foreign land. This time the temptation to wander was the invitation to a cheese and wine snack and an art exhibit.

The entrance to the building was elegant, quiet, friendly and very busy.

The art was displayed on walls in many rooms. All the art was made by the residents of the facility. There were beautiful paintings, some creative picture frames, hand-made quilts, knitted scarves, caps and throws.

The snacks were art in the presentation –tasty and of great variety. We ate outside in a lovely patio – quiet and busy. Nearby was a sparkling blue pool. Purple petals from a nearby flowering tree fell on the table. Sample snacks were carried to our table. The snacks became a meal as I tried them all

The tour was overwhelming. Twas a place of care, assisted living. It was not a nursing home. The studio apartments, the one and two bedroom units, were bright, quiet and each with a courtyard view.

Transportation was provided for residents. Organized tours of museums, historic areas were available. One could play poker, dominoes, board games. One could participate in a computer class, a sing-along, a knitting group, an Alzheimer support group, a Bible study class, and writing for fun. One could attend movies, live theater or dancing. There had been a trip to Santa Fe and Albuquerque. Something for everyone.

Bowling, a swimming pool, pet therapy, a beauty and salon was available. Music in the park, complete with picnic, lectures from the local colleges, libraries on each floor. Attractive cafeteria or dining room with tempting menus. Friendly people to enjoy, and so much more.

I was truly more than overwhelmed. I’ve wondered if the day was coming as my home grows bigger every day. I wondered if I could fit into such an enclosed space in such a social environment.

The first question I always ask is, “Can I have my two dogs with me?” The answer always makes the decision possible. “Yes, you can have dogs.”

Still I ponder if it could be for me. One day I may have no choice.

March 26, 2010

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