Armistice Day

Betty M.

I remember the day
they marched off to war,
the station packed and silent.
I remember waiting
Waiting for mail
Not daring to hope or wonder
I remember waiting
For the phone that didn’t ring
And didn’t ring.
I remember the very dark nights
no light anywhere,
nobody out except the blackout police.
I remember standing in line
with coupons in hand.
I remember hoping the line with coupons
wasn’t longer than the food line where we were to pick up.
I remember the radio telling:
“Across the sea and far away.”
I remember the day the Armistice was signed
the joy and fear in every heart.
I remember the phone that rang
“I’m coming home.”
I remember praying
“Thanks for peace. Good will to all men.”
I remember hoping peace would be forever
And all life would be good and happy!

I’m thankful for the painful job well done.

I’m thankful for the freedom we’ve enjoyed.

I didn’t know it then, but I believe it now…
Change will come.

3 responses to “Armistice Day

  1. Michele Brubaker

    Betty, your piece is so unique to your generation and your time. It sounds much like my own parents’ experiences and their wartime work. In just a few words, you created such a WWII environment and such wise words for our future in 2008 too.


  2. Betty, my generation owes our freedom to your generation. Hopefully future generations will not forget.

  3. Betty: Your words vividly painted a picture in my mind of what “war” was like for your young generation. (It seems it was much like “war” is for our current young generation and what “war” is like for EVERY generation.) And your poetry concludes with wonderful words of hope, which I do believe: Change WILL come! Thank you so much for the words of gratitude and hope!

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