An Education Dilemma

By Betty

June, 2010

The old teacher taught for years.  She came early and stayed late.  She made daily lesson plans and changed them to better meet the needs of her students.  She attended faculty meetings, seminars, and workshops.  She was involved in the school community.  She involved and encouraged parents to participate in the classroom.  She observed the child who came to school hungry, too tired, physically or verbally abused.  She searched for help and learned it’s hard to find.

The New teacher sparkles with energy, enthusiasm, optimism, and ideas.  She truly enjoys children.  She understands the technology coming this way.  She has a college degree.  She learns quickly about classroom discipline.  She learns all parents want the best for their children, but all parents do not want the same things.  She’s willing to try new teaching techniques, new approaches to education.

Working together the two teachers will accomplish many things quickly and better than trying alone.  They show students, by model, how cooperation and working together is a very helpful art.

Soon the old teacher will be gone.  Retired or given a pink slip because her salary is too high.  The new teacher will notice the notice and leave for more promising careers.  Schools, as we know them, will be gone.  For better or worse; only time will tell.

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