Alone or Lonely?

by Betty

Alone or lonely?
What’s the difference?
Does it matter?

Alone – the family has moved on and is scattered about the country – not the town. Some have moved on to a better place – no mail or phone calls available, but memories left behind. To make one sad to be left behind. Or to make one grateful for the challenges of the past – daydreams, if you will.

Some moved across the country, even across the world, pursuing a dream only they could imagine. To dream and to follow they were taught. Proud we may be of them, but still they’ve left behind an empty, quiet place.

Next door and about town people are busy, cutting the lawn, painting a wall, going off to work. Busy all day and much of the night.


Sitting alone all day wishing one could have gone along to Paradise – an unknown mystery but together with those one loved.

Wishing one could travel the world and watch the dream unfold and become real, to share.

Wishing for the energy and enthusiasm that was part of long ago – energy to go and do; lack of fatigue that impedes plans and chores.

What’s to decide?

Choice may or may not be an option.

If not, what is?

Alone or lonely?

Does it matter?

July, 2012

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