Alone Again

By Betty

Where did the time go?

Six weeks ago she came bouncing down the airport hall, dragging her office on wheels behind her, chatting with everyone walking the same way, smiling her smile that lights up the country coast to coast.

We celebrated her homecoming with potato soup decorated with fresh parsley and shredded cheese – the tradition for 30 years.

No more getting up as the dogs scratched on the door to get the day going. No more seeing a worker at the computer, fingers typing rapidly. No more phone calls and recorded messages, day and night. No more weekly doctor appointments with good news and bad (more upcoming appointments). No more chatter about the art museums, the outdoor music concerts, the opera, the ballet. No more shopping for groceries done for me. No more someone to answer the phone or doorbell – I do not always hear, or answer too late. . .

No more waking up to a sparkling clean kitchen – no dishes in the sink.

No more special treats from Trader Joe’s.

No more walking the dogs every evening and spoiling them with special treats.

No more watching my car come and go.

Now I’m alone again.

Time to look for letters in the mail.

Listen for the phone call from New York City.

Be grateful for the most thoughtful daughter anywhere, any time!

May 2, 2009

One response to “Alone Again

  1. Betty M’s “Alone Again” is a touching, descriptive remembrance of Betty’s visit with her daughter. The description of Wendy arriving at the airport is so accurate, I can picture her as clearly as if I was looking at a photograph of her! So too, is Betty’s description of her daily life when Wendy leaves to go back to New York. I hope Betty keeps writing – – whether there is one person or 10 people in the writing group. Brava, Betty!

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