Almost Got Away

By Betty

It was a beautiful day – a blue sky, white floating clouds, no promise of rain – and HOT.

My 17 year old dog went out for her morning business. I made a breakfast for both of us, made my bed, combed my hair, about ready for the day.

I opened the door to let my dog in. She’s very old, a bit fragile, and hates being outdoors. No dog was waiting at the door. No dog came when I clapped my hands. Not today. No dog hurried to the door when I called “Treats.” Whatever happened? Where was she?

I walked over to to back kitchen door and then I knew. The back gate to the front was open and no dog was in sight.

I panicked; almost had a heart attack. I stood there dumb-founded. How could this be? I limped over to check the neighbor’s yard. No dog in sight. I stumbled across the street to the doctor’s house. Maybe my dog had gone there to visit the black cat who visited our house last week. No cat to be seen.

Breathless, unsteady, I tried walking down the street. Maybe my dog was visiting all the many dogs living on our street. Not to be.

Giving up the search and losing all hope, afraid I’d fall as I had not taken walker or cane. I had just panicked and took off. Here I was, alone, helpless, scared, and in the middle of the street. I made it home, hot, stumped and ready to collapse. Standing in my driveway, I stopped to take one last look.

There sat the car I no longer drive – haven’t driven for over a year – no license, no gas, four flat tires – useless. I gave up. My life was over.

I turned slowly, carefully, to go in. And there sitting at my side was my dog! Her eyes asked, “Where have you been?”

Where she’d been I’ll never know. How it happened I’ll never learn. We both limped inside, had a cold drink and fell asleep, almost recovered.

What a nightmare! Except it was not a nightmare. It was real!

September 2014

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