A True Gift

By Betty

The last year with the Lend A Hand Senior Writing group has been a true gift for me.

After 8 years caring for my Mother who struggled with alzheimers and then five years watching my husband lose his battle with health, I had disappeared from living a good productive life. I was totally exhausted and refused to admit it or to get help. I retired from life, activities, people, even family.

Then came Lend A Hand. I found people as alone, lost, and lonely as I was. I made friend who call to chat. I found a new reason to share what I’m forever writing. I found people who know the city well and were anxious to share it.

We rode on a city bus which I’d never done before. We visited the down town library, art and history museums, the photo museum, the Navajo code talker exhibit, a plant center, even a yoga center. We ate out in places I never knew about.

I learned there were people willing to drive me to places I needed to go. Drivers who were helpful , to seeing me to my door or waited patiently until I found the key and opened the door. I learned there are many reason and many ways to write. I knew, but was reminded there are many ways to teach.

I enjoyed the agenda we didn’t always follow. I enjoyed sharing what we may have written at home. I was challenged and uncomfortable writing the class prompt. It amazed me how many different responses there were. I like the printed homework prompts. I read all the literature, the essays, the poetry, and the wise sayings written by wise people even though I often did not understand. Reread them and still “don’t get some”

Changes I’d like to see-a hard question. Why change anything so helpful to me this past year? I often wonder why we didn’t to go and reuse each agenda. Could be we might have a different response.

I did enjoy meeting at the church. It seemed business like, it was for me a moment of private peace, and I loved the little black dog whose wagging tail welcomed us each Monday.

I do wonder about the field trips. A delightful adventure it was and is. However, it’s getting harder and more painful for me to move about, to get up or down, or in and out of a car. I am not suggesting they be stopped. I am only admitting it’s a problem for me and it’s time for me to face it.

Couldn’t review the year without a hearty thank you to Michelle who thoughtfully administers Lend A Hand. Thanks to the facilitators who put up with our chatter Thanks to Laura-everyone needs a friend like her. Thanks to the volunteers to get us back and forth.

Thanks to the writers who shared their writing and listened to the writing of others.

Thank you Ruth for your wit and detailed writing

Thank you Jim for your humor and artistry with words

Thank you Liz for joining us and sharing your travels

You’ve made my year. My advice, if I may, Please Carry on.

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