A Halloween Memory

By Betty

Long, long ago three friends gathered at my house. We wore costumes put together from things in the closet, things in the garage. My Dad said “where are you going? How long will you be?” My Mother reminded us she’d have cookies and hot chocolate ready.

 Off we went smug with soap bars hidden in our pockets. Noisily we decorated windows artistically, rang door bells and screamed “trick or treat” and RAN OFF

 Home my Dad asked where all did you go? Importantly we recalled each house, each trick, each scream, each laugh. The cookies were good and the hot chocolate hit the spot. We had a happy, fun Halloween.

 Next morning my Dad invited each of my friends over, met us with rags and a pail of water for each of us. We retraced our evening trip, cleaned the windows, picked up the decorations, then rang each doorbell and said “We’re sorry we made such a mess”

 And so it was long, long ago-we knew our neighbors and they knew us 

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