“The Journal Keeper Within” Week I – November 3, 2008

Position: Journal Keeper

by Betty M.

Wanted . . . someone who likes quiet
Wanted . . . someone who can read quietly
Wanted . . . someone who dares to be different
Wanted . . . someone who believes today is worthwhile
Wanted . . . someone who can relive the past with gratitude
Wanted . . . someone who believes tomorrow will be better
Wanted . . . someone who believes it is important to remember and preserve the memory
Wanted . . . someone who is disciplined
Wanted . . . someone who will help find me
Wanted . . . someone who works for free

One response to ““The Journal Keeper Within” Week I – November 3, 2008

  1. Betty Morphew, you underestimate your writing talents! As I read your poem, “The Journal Keeper Within,” I couldn’t help but think that the individual described in the poem mirrors you, Betty! You possess all the characteristics described in your poem! You ARE The Journal Keeper. What a treat to read your work. Please write more. And encourage your colleagues in the Land-A-Hand Writing Group to write what’s in their hearts, too. There are many of us out here who would love to read their work!

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