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“Hey you! will do . . .”

… says Betty when asked to repeat her name. Originally from Minnesota, Betty went to Colorado to teach, then to Arizona, then Alaska, then came back to Arizona taught to teach in the Tucson Unified School District for the 35 years that followed.

During her lifetime Betty has met many people who had nothing, but were happy. She wonders if these two things are directly connected.

After her own retirement, Betty took care of her mother, who had Alzheimer’s, for 8 years. After her mother passed, her neighbors had trouble, so Betty and her husband cared for them as well. The wife was bed ridden and the husband had Alzheimers. Betty lost her own husband, and is still working through the loss. She has two dogs who are the most important things in her life right now. She has a daughter who travels the world and has lived with many very poor people.

Lend a Hand has been helpful to Betty because someone drops in once a week to chat with her at her home in Tucson.

Betty has kept a journal since she was in high school, but she didn’t keep copies of her journals. Betty said that even on days when she had nothing to write about or didn’t feel like writing in her journal, she wrote. “I would always start the journal entry with something positive, even if it was just, ‘The sun came up today…'”

Betty’s published work:







2 responses to “Betty

  1. Betty, there are several writers to chose from here. I’m choosing you. I have no idea if what I have here is compatible with your work. I am simply interested in spreading the word about my website (see above), where I serialize stories of what I call ‘October Relationships’. I’m not interested in having them published, just read.

    As a very senior writer; writing about seniors, for senior readers, your’s looked like an interesting site, though I see now that your main thrust is quite logically spreading the word about you work, and lend a helping hand. In any case, I’ll send this off, and see what happens.

    Thanks, Gil Stewart

  2. Pat Jacobson

    I’m thrilled! I have, on rare occasion, tried online searches for “Betty Morphew”, although, never successfully and not for several years, until this evening. I student taught 4th Grade at Manzo Elementary in 1969. While you were not my home room teacher (that was Laura Banks), you quickly became my mentor and friend. Have often regretted having lost touch. I have now lived in Alaska (Kodiak) for nearly 40 years, having taught 26 yrs. Gov. Palin appointed me to the University Board of Regents 3 years ago (an 8 year term). I’ve often thought of you, Mrs. Morphew, and have always felt so grateful for your friendship/mentoring. I’ll bookmark this site and look forward to reading your stories, as I get time. Here is a long overdue THANK YOU, MA’AM!!!! (I WAS to be heading for Arizona the last couple of weeks in April, but, recently had to postpone the trip. Hopefully, will make it in the fall and would love to have lunch or coffee with you, if that was ok with you!)
    All the best.

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